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     If you have completed the 24 hours of classroom online, you can schedule the required 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training with Greenlight Driving School. 


When you have completed the 24 hour of coursework, the online school will send you the "Certificate of Completion of an Online Course". You will give this certificate to your driving instructor.

When you have completed all of the required training, your driving instructor will issue a "Certificate of Completion" that you will take to your license exam.  

Here is a list of online schools that are approved for Ohio

If you're interested in booking behind-the-wheel sessions, use the form below to provide some information that will help me with the scheduling process.
Please include a list of any days or times over the next 8 weeks that the student will be unavailable to drive, including any family, church, work, school, or extracurricular activities. I would also need to know if the student is inexperienced or especially anxious behind the wheel, so I can create a schedule that best suits their individual needs. 


Schedule Behind the Wheel Training
The $295 fee is due on or before first driving session. Acceptable payments include cash, check, or debit/credit via PayPal.
Do not submit payment until a driving schedule has been established.
Availability is not guaranteed.
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